Real Female Orgasms – How to Tell If a Woman Climaxed For Real (Hint – It’s Hard to Miss!)

orgasmsIs she really able to orgasm during sex with me? If so…HOW can I tell for sure? Don’t many women fake it? And if she is…what signs should I look for? In this article we are going to talk about real female orgasms, and the simple signs you can look for that tell you she’s having the “big O” for real! Curious to know more? Good…continue reading as we take a closer look below.

Okay…but can’t just about every women fake an orgasm? How do I know she’s not just being nice?

Honestly? It’s a good question! And statistically…the facts don’t lie: About 50% of women admit to faking at least one orgasm in the past year with their PRESENT partner…just to get sex over with! Ouch is right…and if you aren’t paying close attention, she may be faking it with you!

So what are the signs of an authentic orgasm? The sort of stuff you CAN’T fake?

A woman has very clear, very specific physiological signs of climax. These are pretty tough to fake…and much more work than just making a whole bunch of nice noises, too. A woman who is having a GENUINE orgasm:

Will see a gradual “blushing” of her skin as more blood rushes to the surface…especially immediately before climax
Will have an increased, involuntary respiration and heart beat. (her pulse will “quicken” and often she will breathe much more heavily in a NON contrived way..:-)
An increase in perspiration (the pores open….and she is much more likely to sweat while approaching climax)
Physiological changes in the female anatomy (including lubrication, and noticeable changes in size and coloration in her sex organs)
Dilated pupils
And here is an interesting one…often a lack of a “filter” when it comes to conversation! Did you know that some studies suggest that a woman, who is in the throes of a powerful orgasm will often have the “brain” centers that moderate sense, and civility and language will shut down….or even OFF completely? This is often while you’ll see an otherwise calm, cool and collected girl go “nuts” with lust during great sex…often saying things that would make a sailor blush while she approaches orgasm! (very interesting….and very few people know that to be true…but it really is!)

The bottom line, is….

If you are truly skilled in the sack, you’ll KNOW when your girl is having a genuine, real and explosive orgasmic experience! A gifted lover, along with a powerfully built and well endowed man makes for very few “fake” orgasms at all… if that sounds like you, you’ve got NOTHING to worry about! (but still pay attention to the signs above…as they are a nice reminder she likes what you’re doing and can’t help but show it!)

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