Portland General Store Men’s Collection

Portland General Store is the brainchild of Lisa Brodar. The inspiration for Portland General comes from a love of Maine and all things artisanal, and the idea that peak oil and cheap transportation of imported goods is coming to an end and being replaced by a more local means of trade. Portland General Store products are made using the most natural and highest quality ingredients available.

Here are a couple of our favourites

WHISKEY SKIN QUENCH aftershave balm

Portland General store’s all natural, alcohol-free, and non-greasy aftershave balm is loaded with vitamins and anti-oxidants to help rejuvenate your skin after a good wet-shave. Generously scented with our WHISKEY blend of essential oils, this formula provides a complex and masculine touch to finish off your shaving regime.

WHISKEY old-fashioned wet shave jelly

Our jelly formula was created to provide a very close and comfortable shave. Enriched with aloe vera, fruit extracts, and oils to soothe and calm the skin while shaving. Lightly scented with our very popular WHISKEY scent, this is truly a luxurious yet masculine jelly.


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