Ript Fusion

riptHave Your ‘Six Pack’ and Drink it Too!

RIPT FUSION is a classic men’s undershirt injected with steroids. Immediately, he will look and feel better in all of his clothes with a heightened sense of confidence.

“Men today care about their appearance and their health, but are unwilling to compromise comfort,” states creator Heather Thomson, “That’s why I have fused fashion and function in the creation of a new version of the classic men’s undershirt that provides unique benefits without sacrificing comfort.” Heather previously served as the creative force behind P. Diddy’s Sean John clothing label where she mastered her understanding of what appeals to the most sophisticated and discriminating men.

The torso, the trunk, the gut – whatever. It’s the one part of a guy’s body that’s hard to keep tight and lean. That’s why there’s RIPT FUSION: a body-sculpting undershirt designed to support a man’s core, shave inches off his belly and enhance his posture.

Compression garments have long been a staple in athletes’ locker rooms and RIPT FUSION applies the same concept now to men’s fashion. Compacting the abdomen and back creates a flatter silhouette under clothes, and the support offers other significant benefits, such as better posture and a greater sense of security. Because if he feels better, he looks better!

RIPT FUSION was designed to shape men’s bodies while visibly improving their physique. Using a patent pending design and dual fabric technology, the mid panel sucks in the belly and creates core consciousness while the chest and sweep of the shirt are a lightweight, soft cotton perfect for wearing under all types of clothes. So, wear RIPT under a dress shirt, a polo, or a sweater and replace the tired, white undershirt for good. Regular cotton t-shirts are so dead and gone.

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