Gatorade G Series Pro

gatorade g series

G Series Pro was originally developed by The Gatorade Sports Science Institute to meet the needs of professional and aspiring professional athletes. As the performance pinnacle of the Gatorade sports performance range, G Series Pro until now has only been available in locker rooms and specialized training facilities. From 1 May G Series Pro will be available to a broader segment of elite athletes.

“Make no mistake, Gatorade is all about the athlete,”  said Sarah Robb O’Hagan, chief marketing officer of Gatorade. “Our 2010 product range focuses on the intersection between the insights of pro athletes and the advantages of our peerless scientific approach to product development. G Series premiered on the Super Bowl sidelines, where we promoted the ‘before, during, and after’ system of sports performance, and G Series Pro raises the bar even higher. Up to now, we have kept these products in the locker room but the compatibility between G Series Pro athletes and GNC customers persuaded us this is a product line of genuine interest to those looking to go pro.”

“The Gatorade brand has enormous credibility with GNC’s sports nutrition customers, and the G Series Pro line will be a valuable addition to GNC’s sport performance product line-up,” said Joe Fortunato, chief executive officer, GNC. “We have the right retail presence and marketing muscle to drive G Series Pro through our nearly 5,500 US stores.”

So expect to see it on our shores in the near future.


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