Interview with Vanessa Veasley

Recently Men’s Domain got to sit down and do a one on one with Vanessa Veasley here is how it went down

vanessa 3MD: Where are you from?  VV: I’m from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but I now live in Los Angeles, California

MD: What is it like to live in LA? VV: I like LA. It’s very different from the city I grew up in, Philadelphia, which is on the east coast and more industrial with more blue collar workers. Here in Los Angeles people are more materialistic and in my industry they tend to only make friends with people they believe can get them closer to their dreams and goals. However, the weather is fantastic here! There are beaches, mountains where I love to go hiking. There are all kinds of ethnicities and cultures that come together here in LA also so there are some really cool restaurants and hangout spots.

MD: How did you get started in the business? VV: My mom got me into modelling when I was young. I got into Glamour modelling in college

MD: Do you have any regrets since you have been in the business? VV: None!

MD: How did you become editor at Show Magazine? VV: I met the Publisher of SHOW Magazine when he was the Editor-in-Chief at another mag. He booked me for a shoot in the magazine he was working for at the time, then invited me back to shoot for the very first issue of SHOW. When I graduated from college he offered me a position at SHOW, but I wasn’t ready to make the big move to LA until this year. Now I am Editor. I get to produce and direct photo shoots with the hottest models and photographers. I bring along all the experience I have from being in front of the camera and forging my way in this industry. I can’t wait to see what else the future has in store. It’s a dream job!

MD: What have been your past projects? VV: I’ve been in SHOW Mag, Smooth Mag, Smooth Girl Mag, STUFF Mag, Maxim Mag, BlackMen’s Mag, and over 10 music videos for chart topping Hip-Hop and Rap artists.

vanessa 2MD: What videos have you appeared in? VV: Lil Wayne “Lollipop”, Outkast “International Player’s Anthem”, Mike Jones “Drop It”, Kanye West “Wouldn’t Get Far” and many more…

MD: You have work with a few hip-hop stars What are they like to work with? VV: Hip-Hop stars are just like anyone else. They all have different personalities. Some outgoing and upbeat, some are quiet and reserved. Some are perfectionists and very serious about the project they are on set for, while others bring along friends and family and use downtime to catch up with them/party/etc. To be in this part of the entertainment business, you must be flexible and know how to work with people with all kinds of personalities.

MD: Who was the best one to work for? VV: Kanye West. I’ve worked with him twice now. He has the most awesome attitude despite his reputation and is super professional.

MD: What are current project are you working on at the moment? VV: Right now I’m working on re-launching my personal website: I took it down because it didn’t reflect my personality. The new one will be much hotter and incorporate the things I love like Sci-fi, fantasy, animation, and images that push the limits of sensuality.

MD: What do you do to relax in your spare time? VV: I relax by listening to music. I love Reggae. I also love to cook, swim and ride horses…

MD: What is your favourite meal to cook? VV: Curry Chicken. I can bake a really good pumpkin pie too!

MD: If you could meet any famous person, dead or alive, who would it be and why? VV: Bob Marley. I’d love to go back in time and hang out with him for a weekend.

vanessa 1MD: What is your favourite Bob Marley Song? VV: Three little birds.

MD: Who is the most famous person you have met in your eyes? VV: Ummm…. Hard to say. Living in LA you meet so many “celebrities” that it no longer becomes a big deal. I met Hale Berry once and she told me she I was pretty and she liked my shoes. That was pretty f’n awesome! Ha-ha

MD: If you could date a celebrity, who would you choose? VV: Clive Owen. That’s based on looks. I know nothing about his personality…

MD: Who do you most admire? VV: My mom. She’s awesome. She has always believed in me and sacrificed a lot for me. I hope I can be a great mother like her one day.

MD: Do you get recognised on the street very often? VV: It’s weird but yes. I dress like a bum sometimes. No makeup, sweatpants, etc. But someone always seems to walk up and ask me when the next mag is coming out or tell me their my friend on myspace. lol

MD: Do workout to keep in shape or are you all natural? VV: I workout, but I hate the gym. I just jog and try to stay active. Hike, and ride horses, swim, etc.

MD: Have you ever thought you might make it out to New Zealand? VV: I hope I get too one day. I love to travel! I want to see every part of the globe.

MD: Have you ever met any Kiwis (New Zealanders)? VV: Yes. I used to bartend part-time when I was in college and my favourite regular was a Kiwi. He was a great tipper and always told the funniest jokes. I’d be very disappointed if I visit New Zealand and it’s full of cheap, dull people. Don’t let me down! LOL

vanessa 4MD: Have you ever heard of Rugby? VV: Yes. Rugby players are hot!

MD: What sort of rugby player do you like Richie McCaw or Daniel Carter? VV: Richie! For sure… Yummy.

MD: Do you mind the term hip-hop model? VV: I don’t mind the term, but it is a bit limiting. Many of my fans are not a part of Hip-Hop culture.

MD: What do you class yourself as hip-hop or mainstream model? I describe myself as a Glamour model. I’m a bit of both…

MD: Do you think hip-hop models are becoming more mainstream? VV: Yes because Hip-Hop culture at large is becoming more mainstream. The music, clothing, style is influencing everything now. Curvy women are a part of Hip-Hop, so more and more you see real women with voluptuous bodies get attention. It’s a good thing!

Men’s Domain would like to thank Vanessa Veasley for taking time out of her busy schedule to talk to us. If you want to check out Vanessa some more go to her MySpace page Vanessa Veasley.

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