Barrett Model 82A1

The Model 82A1 series rifle is a rugged, dependable semi-automatic rifle. In simple terms, it has earned unmatched respect because it works in battlefield conditions. Our military men and women have depended on over 5,000 Model 82A1 rifles to protect themselves and to protect our freedoms.

Unlike other semi-automatic .50 BMG’s, the Model 82A1 is completely reliable. Its chamber is chrome plated and dimensioned for both civilian and military ammunition. The extractor and ejector are proven to work under any condition. Close tolerances on all parts and intelligent design allows it to function in all environments. The trigger is appropriate for a battle rifle.

barrett 82a1

The improved muzzle brake, along with dual barrel springs and a long mainspring design make the Model 82A1 comfortable and fun to shoot. Rapid, accurate fire from its ten round magazine is a breeze.

The Model 82A1 fits in a regular sized carry case. It is transported disassembled as an upper and lower receiver. The rifle is assembled and ready to fire in under a minute by inserting 2 assembly pins through both receivers. Since the scope remains mounted on the upper receiver, the scope zero is maintained. The Model 82A1’s M1913 optics rail is elevated 27 MOA to take full advantage of a scope’s elevation travel. Emergency iron sights are provided as well.

For over 2 decades, the short-recoil, semi-automatic Model 82A1 series has been refined and improved. There are no competitors.

The Model 82A1 is what you expect in a Barrett. Dependable. Reliable. Well-designed.

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