Blast Knuckles

We certainly appreciate the cleanliness and stopping power of a hand-held taser – running a 100,000 volt charge through some poor schmoe and watching him crumple to the floor in a heap with nary a mark on him can be truly satisfying. But the whole procedure is sort of – clinical, wouldn’t you say? You reach out with your little garage door opener, there’s a flash and a crackle, and it’s over. Sure, we’re high-tech men, but we’d like to get a little physical, too. Enter the TAC-115 Blast Knuckles. Modeled after the traditional brass fingerguard that gives savvy pugilists an advantage, the Blast Knuckles, when they make impact with a poor schmoe, unleash 950,000 volts of juice to add a little pop to your punch. With that much voltage, anybody short of a charging rhinoceros will be taken down. But you have to swap out the lithium ion batteries after each jolt, so don’t miss. The Blast Knuckles give a little manly flavor to your standard taser, and we can’t wait to see them incorporated into unsanctioned MMA matches.

blast knuckles

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