Conan the Barbarian Atlantean Sword

Conan Atlantean Sword

A guys pad should have some sort of reproduction sword lying around since they are so easy to get hold of these days. If you want to impress you mates this is the mutha you want to pull out. Here are a few extract from review written about this beast.

Let me tell you of the days of high adventure!

I remember hearing those words for the first time while seated in a dark movie theatre over twenty years ago. A scene that I will never forget then followed that opening dialogue. That image of molten metal flowing across the screen in the shape of a sword, accompanied by a booming score by composer Basil Poledouris, is simply unforgettable.

Now, thanks to the efforts of Albion Armourers, it is now possible to not only own a sword like those used in the movie, it is now possible to own nearly an exact copy of them. Over two years ago Albion Armourers began the process of gaining the rights to manufacture these well-known bits of cinematic history. Gaining the license to manufacture these swords was quite an undertaking in itself. Howard Waddell and Company invested a large amount of time and effort (and expense) in order to bring these swords to life for the sword-loving community. Anyone who has held the final product in his or her hands will agree that it was well worth the effort.

Handling Characteristics
Well, what can I say about the Atlantean’s handling qualities? At a weight of nearly eight pounds the sword is certainly no lightweight. In fact, the Atlantean’s weight puts it far outside the parameters for a functional sword of this size. The sword does have a rather nice static balance, but once it is set into motion its weight becomes a hindrance. I was able to grasp the sword in a reverse grip and twirl it around in best Arnold fashion. I was able to maintain this for a few seconds before my shoulders began to feel the strain. In short, you’ll need to have bigger guns than mine if you want to act like Big Arnold. I have no doubt that the Atlantean would be able to cut through any test medium of choice if it was sharpened. It just can’t be done quickly or repeatedly.

One thing that I normally don’t comment on in a review is pricing since an object’s worth is really a subjective thing. I do believe that it is warranted in this case. At a price of $3000 US (at the time of this review) the Atlantean certainly isn’t cheap. One-of-a-kind swords from notable custom makers can be had for this amount or less. Many collectors will scoff at the Atlantean’s price tag; however, fans of Robert E. Howard’s most famous character will not. Collectors of motion picture history have certainly been eager to purchase Albion’s Atlantean. Conan enthusiasts have long clambered for a true replica of their favourite Cimmerians sword, now they have it. Albion is selling these swords as fast as they can make them.



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