Doom Hero Rifle


This is the HERO REAPER FULL SIZED REPLICA BATTLE RIFLE SEEN IN THE CLASSIC MOVE DOOM ! This was Karl urban’s ( Reaper) Primary weapon used through out the Sci-fI classic. This BEAST was molded DIRECTLY off of Urbans Hero reaper Rifle used used in the film. The gun is Indistinguishable from the original down do the smallest of detail.

Working trigger pull selector switches. A magazine release, scope, kill cam, steel barrel, LED counter screen matching, operational flashlight with pressure switch. Fully-functional Airsoft firing capabilities.

All metal screws no glue! This is a major motion picture film quality weapon that could stand up to tight Hero close ups . You will NEVER see anything close to this jaw dropping quality EVER offered anywhere on Earth but here. This is simply the BEST the world has to offer.


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