LaGana Tactical Tomahawk (“VTAC”)

laGana tactical tomahawkThe LaGana Tactical Tomahawk (a.k.a. VTAC) is the standard by which all other tactical axes are judged, period. Battle proven for over 40 years, Peter LaGana’s axe-head design has served the United States in every major conflict since the Vietnam War. Modernized with 21st century materials and workmanship, the new LaGana Tactical Tomahawk sets the bar for ease of carry, toughness, and versatility. No axe in the War on Terror has seen and done more…

Meant for business, this is the only tomahawk that was designed and authorized by the late Peter LaGana. Beware of the many lookalikes, this hi-tech hawk is a hard-core, no-nonsense battlefield tool. In fact, it’s currently being issued to elite American troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The hawk head is drop forged from a solid piece of O1 carbon steel — not cast like cheaper imitation tomahawks. The precision Nylon handle is hydraulically pressed into the head, making it nearly indestructible. The handle is slightly oval shaped, with finger grooves, and has a special diamond treadplate pattern for a better grip. Each LaGana Tactical Tomahawk includes a fully lined “jumpable” black Nylon belt sheath that is made to exactly military specifications. This sheath allows carry via LBE/LBV, MOLLE, on a belt, or with a sling. Fits all belts, including GI pistol belts. This top-quality tomahawk is proudly made in the U.S.A.!


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