The Mini Cigar Bar

cigar barThe Mini Cigar Bar™ has been featured in many publications as a “must have” item. The bag boasts a classic masculine feel with high quality studded leather, vintage-style hardware and three-pocket design. Three compartments (each large enough to hold a bottle of spirits or other accessories) divide its interior. It includes a cedar lined cylindrical humidor, insulated cylindrical container for ice, torch lighter and 4 acrylic glasses. All you need is that special bottle of scotch. Bourbon. etc. and you are off to the golf course to spend some quality time with your friends.

The Making of the Mini Cigar Bar

Last year I vacationed on a small private and somewhat secluded island in the Grenadines called Mustique. Of all my travels, this was by far the most tranquil and relaxing. There was no place to be, and no schedule required.

There was nothing but time to enjoy the breathtaking views, the smell of the ocean and the warmth of the sun (A great setting to sit down and enjoy a good smoke and a vintage whisky).

I love my scotch and cigars and I have learned that it isn’t always easy to bring them with you. If you don’t take them, you might not have a hell of a lot of choices of what you can drink or smoke. Which was unfortunately the case on this vacation. Don’t get me wrong; I am somewhat resourceful and managed with the help of some of the local folks, to get my hands on some decent Cubans and some palatable whisky. It was then I realized I needed one case to hold those necessities.

I wanted to make a small portable case that would carry my good whisky and my cigars anywhere I went easily. Most importantly, it had to be made well, be extremely functional and most importantly, fashionable.

The Mini Cigar bar is made from fine leather and has three compartments inside the bag, each one large enough to hold a bottle of your favourite beverage. Included with the bag is a cedar lined leather cylindrical humidor, 4 stackable acrylic glasses, and a jet style cigar lighter. There is nothing like it on the market (yet), and its available to you right here!

Here at Men’s Domain we think this is a must have.

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