The Muck-Truck


The muck-truck™ power barrow is designed and manufactured in the UK by Deesign. This pedestrian, motorised, 4WD mini dumper has a Honda engine and will go anywhere a tracked machine can. It is designed to provide smooth operation and is as easy to steer when loaded as when empty.

Of course there are Accessories

Muck-truck™ Flatbed
The most popular accessory for landscapers is the flatbed.
The flatbed is perfect for all those awkward loads that cannot be easily carried in the general purpose skip. Because the flatbed sits above the wheels oversized loads can be carried with ease. Items like pots, paving slabs, bags of sand/cement/compost, drainage pipes or garden ornaments

Muck-truck™ Powerlift Attachment
With a pallet-lift which works like a “forklift truck” fitted at the front of a muck-truck™, ¼-pallets with bricks or flagstones with a weight of 250 kg can be carted even in impassable ground with no physical liability to the workers.
The pallet-lift works as a sack truck. When the forks are under the pallet the pallet-lift is tipped backwards and at the same time it hoists the forks (as a little forklift truck) so that the pallet is fully freed from the foundation.

Muck-truck™ Ball-Hitch
Easily attached to replace the skip. Can be used for trailers, caravans or boats. Can tow up to a 2.5 tonne trailers in weight providing machine still maintains traction to the surface area. Very manoeuvrable, very powerful.

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