1080 Poison

Poisoning our Wild Life and Environment 

Here at Men’s Domain we are in to our Hunting and outdoor actives. So this means protecting our environment and looking after our wildlife. One thing we fine very disturbing is the dropping of 1080 poison throughout New Zealand. So we invited Kate from www.stop1080poison.com to give us her story and some facts on 1080.

I believe I was poisoned by 1080 in 1998 (after the aerial drop on our boundary) and I suffered the ill-effects for three years afterwards – supraventricular tachicardia (extremely frightening cardiac irregularities.) Note, I never had the symptoms either before or since those three years 1998-2001. Others in our neighbourhood also suffered from similar symptoms at this time, two from heart attacks (one died) however, whereas I had studied 1080 effects on human health, most people would not have made the connection. Since the inception of our website, I have been receiving messages from a growing number of people, including govt. pest control workers who have suffered the adverse effects of 1080 poison for many years afterwards. It seems that there is no testing for 1080 poisoning after the event and, with no proof, the medical fraternity prefers to point the finger at rare viruses or unusual allergic reactions to unknown substances.

We walk in the bush several weeks after the 1080 poison drop. We see trees but no birds. We talk to old-time bushman who, back in the sixties & seventies, saw the possums at their height living alongside the thousands of bush birds while, every morning, they would be enthralled by a deafening dawn chorus, no matter what the weather or time of year. Now we listen to hunters, trampers, to shocked overseas tourists, all of whom have experienced the stillness, the silence, even months after these aerial drops. It’s very sad but in the end, it all comes down to the God of Government Departments – MONEY!

Through our website we have received many accounts from ex DoC workers regarding the killing of native species in poisoning operations however they are unwilling to speak out publicly in fear of reprisals. 1080 kills many birds through contact with 1080 pellets in water, as well as poisoning carnivores, ie. Kea, Morepork, Kiwi, etc. through secondary poisoning. It is illegal to possess an endangered native species therefore anyone finding a poisoned kiwi cannot (legally) have it tested for 1080 poisoning. Therefore, any birds suspected of 1080 poisoning are handed over to DoC who will never disclose the test results anyway. People who do not are charged with possession of said endangered species – or worse. (ie, conservationist Phil Anderton of Wairoa.)

1080 pellets are produced at Animal Control Products Wanganui & Waimate factories, both State Owned Enterprises. Government departments make the stuff, Government authorities apply 1080, ie DoC, Regional councils, local authorities, etc. Government departments also approve its application. The whole 1080 pest control industry is a huge government departmental money-go-round. So much in taxpayer dollars is allocated to govt. pest control and, if its not used up, then they won’t get as much the following year. As their administration costs go up however, they will always be entitled to get more. There is big money in chemicals and pesticides in general and very little, if any, research is done on the long-term effects of all of these on humans. Our government readily approves various widespread chemical applications to much in our environment, ie. crops, farmland, foodstuffs, water supplies, etc. Where there is no research, there is no evidence therefore no proof of harm and so this insane use of toxic substances continues unopposed.

Our government even have their big fat fingers in the pie of all the major news publications, plus TV One so, while DoC, AHB, etc. can broadcast their pro-1080 propaganda at will, the anti 1080 lobby working on a very limited budget cannot.

Alternatives to 1080? It has been proven that the majority of possum populations prefer to reside at bush margins rather than in dense forest. Also, keeping a three kilometre band clear around farmland would prevent the spread of Tb. This could be easily achieved anywhere in the country by trapping, shooting and Feratox bait stations. Check out Pat & Quinn Whiting O’Keefe’s scientific appraisal doc. (link on RH side of our home page below three monkeys cartoon).

We would like to thank Kate form www.stop1080poison.com for providing us with this information.

Also check out A Shadow of Doubt a  documentary by the Graf Boys on 1080 poison and the effects it is having on New Zealand. This is a non-profit project that demonstrates the in the field dangers of 1080 use in New Zealand. A Shadow of Doubt

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