How To Have Sex In A Car

car sexGetting off in your car is not as easy as it may sound. For those of you who have ever attempted it, you might have noticed the typical difficulties: avoiding hard objects like seats, steering wheels, dashboards, and gear sticks, and getting into a comfortable enough position to actually finish the job at hand.

Success partly depends on the type of car you have, so you will need to adjust the following suggestions on how to have sex in a car to apply to your own vehicle. These guidelines generally apply to a medium-size, four-door sedan.

Here are some tips to make your ride a little easier.

There are several positions that make sex in a car easier and more fun. When you’re trying to figure out how to have sex in a car, consider these manoeuvres and locations:

The back seat

This can be woman-on-top or man-on-top, with the bottom participant lying on the back seat or the guy sitting. It works better if you pull the front seats as far forward as you can, to give you more room.

The front passenger seat

Push the seat as far back as it will go and take a seat. Your partner can ride you facing you or facing the windscreen with her hands on the dash for support.

The outside of the car

The hood of the car is a wonderful platform for all kinds of activities: You can go down on her while she rests her legs on your shoulders, her bottom on the edge of the car or you can enter her from front or behind while she leans her body on the hood — and you get fresh air at the same time.

While driving

Your girl can easily get your appendage in her mouth while you drive — slowly and carefully, for both of you. Avoid bumps or potholes and keep your eye on the road at all times, and if you feel like you are losing it, pull over immediately. A blow job is not worth damaging your car or losing the use of your legs or worse, your girlfriend’s or someone else’s life.


There are many ways to get into a pickle while you try to have sex in a car: You, your partner’s and Joe Public’s physical safety are of paramount importance, simply because while you are so distracted you can’t keep your eye on other things. The key here is getting sorted before you start. So, park somewhere where you won’t roll off a cliff or get clipped by other vehicles, pull on the hand brake firmly and do your seat adjustments before you start.


Most places in the world prohibit public displays of indecency, which is exactly what you are proposing to do when you try to figure out how to have sex in a car. You can be arrested, you can be fined, and you can be very, very embarrassed. However, in some countries, you can and will be arrested and sent to prison to serve a sentence for being so disrespectful.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re figuring out how to have sex in a car…

car sex1Things to keep in mind

Keep handy some tissues or a roll of toilet paper for cleaning up, possibly a small pillow for extra comforts, water or a drink to refresh, and condoms. Avoid candles, as they are a fire hazard.


You need to make sure you car is clean. Crumpled snotty tissues, takeout containers with old food in them, or McDonald’s cups leaking old flat Coke are not hot, and will detract from your efforts to have sex in a car. Crumbs and sand/dirt on the back seat will be itchy and uncomfortable, so vacuum! Do a quick clean up before your date. Condoms can also help to prevent sticky messes in the car. Without a lecture on safe sex, in a very practical sense they keep you, your girl and your car clean.


Choose your spot reasonably carefully. Keep in mind that any adults or children that may be about don’t need to see you having sex in your car. If exhibitionism is your thing, choose an area that will suit you, i.e., an alleyway in the red light district. Otherwise, choose a quiet spot with some nice scenery, perhaps a nearby waterway, beach or park. If you don’t have a lot of pretty options or gas, an empty parking lot will do the trick. Try to avoid cliche locations where everyone else goes.

Imagination is a virtue: use it.

Rev it up

Sex in a car is not always great, but with a little thought and planning, you can use this exciting and interesting location within a location to make a little nasty love. Be careful, use your common sense and show respect to the rest of the world, but have plenty of fun. Get a little more inventive once you get the hang of the above positions and enjoy.


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