How To Increase Your Metabolism?

rageHow To Increase Your Metabolism?

For short metabolism is the process by which your body turns food into energy. Metabolism is usually measured according to your basal metabolic rate (BMR).

If you some of these symptoms you probably have slow metabolism:

•Weight gain
•Low body temperature
•Poor mood
•Heavy head
•Dry skin
•Energy problems
Don’t worry! Here is how to increase your metabolism:
• Eat smaller meals of 300 to 400 calories through the day. So, eat smaller meals four to six times each day. When you eat smaller meals, your metabolism doesn’t slow down since it must adapt to a regular schedule of small but steady calorie input.
• Always eat breakfast in the morning. Beside inactivity, skipping breakfast is the biggest cause of a slow metabolism.
•Eat plenty of low glycemic carbohydrates because they have fewer calories per unit volume than fat.
• Eat cereal high in fiber food, fresh fruit and vegetables, fish (tuna or salmon), skinless chicken breast, fat free cheese, olive oil, seasoning spices, etc.
• Drink a plenty of water, as it will flush out toxins in your body that are hindering your metabolic rate.
• Caffeine can also help with increasing metabolism, but you should choose healthier options, such as green tea.
• Do regular aerobic and cardiovascular exercise. Walk at least 3 to 4 times a week
Even simple walking or taking the stairs instead of elevator can help increase metabolism. All aerobic activities (running, brisk walking, swimming, cycling, etc) increase metabolism while you are exercising, and also keep your metabolism burning for hours after that.

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