bbqAhh, the joys of being a real man. watching movies like predator, terminator 2, scarface, and others, bbq-ing 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, drinking beer, smoking cigars, watching sports, driving my Holden and rebuilding another muscle car, being able to strike a match on my beard stubble, having a beautiful and sexy wife, and making sure my lawn looks good. there is no life quite like it. but to fully enjoy the life of a real man like myself, you must have the proper music to bbq, work on your car, watch the game or whatever your life as a real man will bring you to do. the following is the complete and ultimate guide to fully becoming a real man.

Load yes, METALLICA. the ultimate real men. although they have much better albums, i put load here cuz the music on here is more relevant to working on cars and bbq-ing (like 2X4, aint my b!tch, ronnie), and because i would have to put EVERY one of their albums on here. hell, every metallica album up to this one is classic, including re-load. songs to check out as a real man: sad but true, blackened, fuel, attitude, damage inc.

Presence the one, the only, LED ZEPPELIN. if you dont listen to them, then dont dare consider yourself a real man. with such classics as achilles last stand, the ocean, stairway to heaven, kashmir, when the levee breaks, and black dog, these guys are certified real men. true, robert plants voice does get high, but dont let that decieve you, for him and the rest of led zeppelin are beef eating real men.

The Wall (Deluxe Packaging Digitally Remastered) PINK FLOYD. one of my favorite bands of all time, these guys make real mans music like no other. songs such as young lust, money, and others, these guys make classic real rock man music. theres nothing like driving in my holden to some classic pink floyd. these guys are certified real men.

Tres Hombres ZZ TOP. THESE GUYS ARE THE REALEST MEN THIS SIDE OF METALLICA. just listen to “la grange”. that is the ultimate real man song of all time. listen to his voice. he sounds he’s been drinking bottle after bottle of jack daniels, and he can take it. all you need while listening to these guys is a bunch of tools, a muscle car, 70 lbs. of beef, and a charcoal smoker bbq pit.

Back in Black then there is AC/DC. these guys may not seem like real men, but best believe that they make real men’s music, especially this album, back in black. the guitars in this cd are perfect for bbq-ing, and they will give you a sense of completion that you have never felt before. indeed, these guys are real men.

Who’s Next THE WHO. if you are a real man, then you know who the who is. songs such as baba o’reily, dont get fooled again, who are you, and the kids are alright are definite real man classics. with roger daltery screaming “YYYYEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” towards the end of dont get fooled again, it concludes a cd that is absolutely for beef eating sports loving real men.

Are You Experienced here we have none other than the greatest guitarist ever to live, JIMI HENDRIX. while he himself was always on too much damn acid to realize this (acid is one thing that real men DO NOT do), he made music that all true real men would listen to forever.

Hot Rocks 1964-1971 [DSD Remastered] and now a band that needs no introduction, THE ROLLING STONES. the self proclaimed “greatest rock band in the world” can indeed make a good claim to that title. with such classics as “sypathy for the devil” and “street fighting man” these guys make 100% true real man music. not only that, but these guys are almost 200 years old and they can still rock like theyre 20.

The Geto Boys these guys are the real men of rap. THE GETO BOYS. willie d, scarface, bushwick bill, and dj ready red. they started out back in the late 80s and were big until about late 1992 when they broke up. they got back together to do a reunion album in 96, and then broke up again, and now i hear theyre gonna do another album later this year (2004). in rap, these guys are the real men of rap, and all real men should listen to them.


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