How about a chilled beer from your own tap?

Asko Home Pub

Serve your friends a fresh, cold beer to accompany the barbecue on a hot summer afternoon. Or spice up your Friday night football game on the TV couch with a little luxury.

ASKO’s HomePub™ is something above the usual. A brand new system applied to the door of the combined refrigerator gives you the possibility to have a high-class beer tap in your own kitchen.

The HomePub™ is easy to use and has an electronic thermostat that guarantees perfect operating performance and temperatures both in the refrigerator and freezer. It has an antibacterial treatment with silver ions that protects all the internal parts, and with the best energy efficiency class A+, the HomePub™ is gentle both on the environment and your wallet.

A special compartment inside the door holds the beer dispensing tap system. This means that it doesn’t take up any of the valuable food storage space. The HomePub™ also has a shelf specially created to store spare beer kegs. This way, you can always have your beer chilled and and ready to serve yourself and your guests.


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