The Man Comb

A tough & compact flip comb. The ultimate tool for your hair & beard…
The goal was simple, to design the right comb for a man.

A comb for your hair? The concept’s been around for a while, I know, but growing a beard can be a step into the unknown. If you’re not into male grooming there’s a good chance you’ll hit the ‘Drifter’ stage and need some help.

The Man Comb enables you to own your beard and barnet, so even if you’re as hairy as a Yeti’s armpit you can look and feel magnificent! Waxed chests and pretty boys were big in the noughties but it’s the hairy man’s time to shine, so step into the spotlight my furry brothers, with the wind in your beard and a beer in your hand!

The Comb also comes with a stylish, classic, handmade leather case. It’s made from hardy, tan leather with brass fittings so protects the comb and enables you to slide it on your belt. The handle is laser etched and though kickstarter I’m giving people the option to customise their comb with their initials, name or logo.

Made Tough – The handle is made from stainless steel so it doesn’t corrode, and the brushed finish keeps it looking fresh. The graphics are laser etched into the steel so they won’t fade or rub off. The comb is the optimum dimensions for strength. The final comb material is ridiculously tough, in fact it’s made from similar stuff to airplane windshields!

Compact & Practical – A man-sized comb that fits in your pocket. Packed tight but without squeezing on form or function. The right size for your back pocket, with the option to attach on a keychain (or similar)

Bottle Opener – An integral part of the design. The Man Comb is designed around its functions so it’s ergonomic and satisfying to use.

Magnetic Catch – Fitted with a magnet which holds the comb in the open and closed positions, so there’s no need to adjust the tightness over time.



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