Kinesio Tape

kinesioHow The Kinesio Tape Works

and why it is preferred over other taping techniques

Experts have been debating for a very long time about the benefits that athletic taping techniques can bring to injured muscles. Some claim that they work and are beneficial, while some claim that they make the situation worse. A lot of athletes and people from all walks of life still rely on them, though, during of muscular injuries. They also rely on them as well for protection purposes during competitions and also, during a tiring task that requires muscular exertion.The kinesio tape and the concept of the kinesio taping technique was invented by Dr. Kenzo Kase of Japan in 1973. A lot of people are claiming that the kinesio taping technique works much better and is more practical than any other taping techniques. This hubpage is dedicated to the kinesio taping method and how it works.

Why Use The Kinesio Tape?

The kinesio tape was used by a lot of athletes during the 2008 Olympic games in Beijing, China. They used it for protection and to alleviate minor muscular injuries and also, to protect themselves from being injured. As a matter of fact, it was written about in sports magazines and newspapers since it is being used by high-profile athletes as well. This is because as compared to other athletic tapes, the kinesio tape is more pleasing to the eye since they come in different colors.Here are some of the great benefits using the unique kinesio taping technique:1. Kinesio tapes are more pleasing to the eye than any other taping methods because they are available in different colors.1. Kinesio tapes are easier to apply and, at the same time, easy to take off.2. Kinesio tapes are latex-free and are made from a hundred percent cotton.3. Kinesio tapes are very elastic and can expand up to about 30-40 percent of its actual size.4. The thickness of kinesio tapes are almost the same as normal human skin.

5. The kinesio taping method does not prohibit movement unlike other standard taping methods since they are flexible.

6. The kinesio taping method is very cost-efficient since the kinesio tapes can be worn around 3-5 days without needing to have them changed. Also, a standard roll can be used for about 6-10 applications depending on the extend of the injury.

Today, studies are being made to compare kinesio tapes to other athletic tapes. Comparisons of their benefits and disadvantages are being made.



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