rovioPossibly the most exciting member of WowWee’s 2008 new product line, the Rovio is a mobile robotic web camera with omnidirectional movement ability thanks to its unique tri-wheel design. The most exciting feature of Rovio is that it incorporates the incredible Northstar technology. Northstar is a system that is like having a micro-GPS system for your home, allowing the Rovio to navigate your home with pinpoint accuracy. With Northstar Rovio always knows exactly where it is and where you want it to go next.

The built-in web camera has full audio and video streaming capability so you can spy on your home from anywhere in the world you have a Web connection and uses the reliable 802.11b/g protocols for true WiFi access. Check in to see if you home is secure, or to get a comforting look at pets, or to dynamically web conference with family members or colleagues at work. Rovio’s neck-mounted camera and microphone can be accessed over the web from cell phones, personal computers, or even some video game consoles (if they are web enabled). Use your personal computer to create navigation routes for Rovio by marking way points in your home with its easy to understand companion software. Simply mark a way point and Rovio will move to the desired location without any need for you to micromanage the navigation; just point and click! Since Rovio has self-docking capabilities, you can send it back to base for a recharge with a single touch of a web browser button.

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