Appleton’s Exclusive Edition Rum

Appleton's Exclusive Edition RumAppleton Estate Jamaica Rum has introduced a new luxury rum that will only be available at the Appleton Estate Rum Tour.

Appleton Estate Exclusive is a luxurious blend of rums that were created to celebrate the terroir of the Nassau Valley where the Appleton Estate is located. It is presented in a proprietary bottle, whose design was inspired by Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum’s signature bottle, with a cork finish and is packaged in a beautiful wooden gift box. It will be sold for US$250.

According to Judy Schoenbein, general manager of the Appleton Estate Rum Tour, Appleton Estate Exclusive Edition will make a wonderful addition to the Appleton Estate Rum Tour experience. “The Appleton Estate Exclusive Edition makes a wonderful addition to what we offer at the Appleton Estate Rum Tour. In addition to making a journey of discovery of the rich history and heritage that are our legacy and learning how we make our rums, visitors will now have a chance to take home something that is exclusive to the Appleton Rum Tour experience.

“There is nowhere else in the world that you can go and get a bottle of Appleton Estate Exclusive and this makes this product and a visit to the Appleton Estate truly unique and special.”

According to Master Blender Joy Spence, she carefully selected the rums that make up Appleton Estate Exclusive Edition for their unique qualities. “I chose the rums that make up this blend because they reflect the elements of terroir that are exclusive to the Appleton Estate. The Nassau Valley’s rich fertile soil and unique microclimate that features warm days, gentle afternoon showers and cool nights are the perfect conditions for growing sugar cane and tropically ageing rum.

“In addition, the pure water from the Estate’s natural spring; the varieties of sugar cane that we cultivate and our one-of-a-kind copper pot stills all contribute to the unique qualities and distinctive character of Appleton Estate Exclusive Edition. It is a rich, smooth, full- bodied rum and I would recommend that it be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.”

The Appleton Estate is located in the picturesque Nassau Valley in St Elizabeth, Jamaica, “the Home of the Finest Rum in the World Since 1749”. The attraction offers guided tours of the artifacts that tell the over 250-year history of the Appleton Estate as well as a visit to the distillery and one of the company’s ageing warehouses.

Tasting Notes

Colour: Deep amber with red highlights that perfectly reflect the rich soil of the region.

Nose: Lots of oak and vanilla notes that are developed naturally during long years of ageing under tropical conditions.

Taste: The fruity sweetness that arises as a result of the varieties of sugar cane that are grown on the Estate perfectly balances the woodiness that is derived from ageing.

Finish: The finish is long and smooth.

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