Atlantico Handcrafted Private Cask Rum

Atlantico Handcrafted Private Cask Rum

A product of the Dominican Republic, where experts believe rum originated,
the rum masterpiece is the result of an uncompromised vision made reality by founders Aleco Azqueta and Brandon Lieb, two spirits industry leaders with a passion to create the perfect rum and help revive classic cocktail culture.

To ensure the rum’s authenticity and quality, Aleco and Brandon remain
hands-on for the entire production process, personally inspecting each bottle and hand initialing only those that meet their lofty criteria as a symbol of their dedication.

Atlantico Rum , produced in the Dominican Republic, is a unique dark rum that “embodies tradition, sophistication, and handcrafted quality.” The process for Atlantico Rum begins with handpicking the finest small batched aged rums in the Dominican Republic. The rums are blended together under the watchful eye of the master blender and placed in small bourbon barrels (private casks) for further aging of 1 to 2 years. Next, the rum is removed from the casks, placed into another set of barrels and aged yet again for 15 to 25 years using the complex solera method.

The weathering elements during the dry and rainy seasons, the topography, and the constant Caribbean sea breeze from the Dominican Republic’s coastline all affect the wooden barrels the rum they contain, further developing and enhancing the flavor. Finally, the rum, by now incredibly complex and smooth, is bottled by hand. The bottle design is inspired by vintage Dominican cigar labels, and each one is carefully inspected, approved, and hand initialed by the founders before being placed in its special burlap sack.



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