Baylands Brewery


This summer is giving us the most incredible BBQ and beer weather. Every day is an opportunity for beer o’clock.

At Baylands Brewery they are there to help if you want to make your own beer or if you want to drink their beer fresh from the brewery.

As well as the brewery they have homebrew store that ships across New Zealand. This brew store has a fantastic history of successful brewers. It started with Stu McKinley from Yeastie Boys, who handed it over to Joe Wood from Liberty Brewing. When Joe was getting ready to move to Auckland he offered the business to Baylands Brewery.

Like most great kiwi inventions they started in their garage and have recently put the car back in the garage and expanded from their 300 litre brewery to a 1200 litre brewery in Petone, Wellington.

The brewery and brew store are located at 22 Victoria Street in the thriving part of Petone.

Check out Baylands Brewery at or and @baylandsbrewery on Twitter and Instagram.


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