Bombay Amber


Bombay Amber, a super-premium extension of Bombay Sapphire, is a 47% ABV London Dry Gin, vapour infused with nutmeg, toasted black cardamom and balanced with bitter orange zest. The selection of botanicals is enhanced by resting the finished spirit in vintage French vermouth barrels to create a new and contemporary gin experience, in flavour and appearance.

Richard Cuthbert, Bombay Sapphire’s global marketing manager, said: “Bombay Amber marks a significant development in the Bombay Sapphire brand family and our commitment to drive value in the gin category. Our continuing emphasis on innovation enables us to strengthen differentiation and premiumisation in the category through such exciting limited editions as Bombay Amber.”

Bombay Amber can be enjoyed neat on ice, as well as in cocktails, such as the Negroni, or in a classic G&T mix.


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