Canadian Club Ltd. Edition 30 Year Old Whisky

CC2In celebration of its 150th anniversary, Canadian Club has introduced a limited edition 30-year reserve whiskey — an elegant, exceptionally smooth blend that exemplifies excellence from presentation to palate.

Canadian Club obviously sounds very Canadian, but it actually got its start in Detroit, founded by grocer-turned-distiller Hiram Walker, who dubbed his whisky Walker’s Club. When Prohibition reared its ugly head, Walker relocated his operation across the Detroit River to Ontario, where he soon established his own community, Walkerville.

Canadian Club has recently experienced something of resurgence thanks to the hit show Mad Men, wherein it’s everyone’s favourite character Don Draper’s drink of choice.

Now the oldest Canadian whiskey on the market, Canadian Club’s 30-year reserve, which retails for $200 a bottle, will surprise and delight even the most discriminating whiskey connoisseur. Having been generously aged in white oak barrels for three full decades in accordance with the brand’s time-honoured pre-barrel blending process, this extraordinary beverage is further enhanced by a rich, golden colour and subtle aromas of dried fruit and spice.

An achievement in both substance and style, Canadian Club marks its sesquicentennial with a stylish 30-year reserve collector’s bottle adorned with gold etching and sealed with a wax dipped cork, encased in a handsomely crafted black satin-lined box.

The vibrant colour, unrivalled flavour, velvety feel and luscious finish of Canadian Club’s 30-year reserve offers an exquisite drinking experience to be savoured.


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