Jack Daniel’s Rested Tennessee Rye Whiskey

Jack Daniel’s Rested Tennessee Rye Whiskey

As a continuation of its entry into the rye whiskey category, the Jack Daniel Distillery is offering a limited release of Jack Daniel’s Rested Tennessee Rye, a follow-up to its 2012 Unaged Tennessee Rye offering.

Jack Daniel’s Rested Rye is crafted using the same Cave Spring water from the Jack Daniel’s Hollow, proprietary yeast and charcoal mellowing process that’s been used in the distillery’s nearly 150-year-old Tennessee Whiskey recipe. Yet, the result from the new recipe of 70 percent rye, 18 percent corn and 12 percent malted barley offers a great balance of flavor that is robust yet not overpowering with rye spice.

Delicate notes of vanilla and caramel on entry giving way to complex notes of fruit and rye spice – create a complex taste profile.


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