Johnnie Walker Blue Label

Johnnie Walker  Blue LabelJohnnie Walker Blue Label is their rarest blend. This isn’t a whisky for beginners. It’s challenging and an acquired taste, but like the finest rewards in life is worth it. Created from the rarest and most expensive whiskies in the world, Blue Label has the authentic character and flavour of a traditional nineteenth century blend, just like those that John Walker and his son Alexander developed for their most valued customers. Blue Label is made from a few exceptional whiskies with powerful flavours. Each bottle is precious to us and is individually numbered. Each contains a rare taste and gives an intense experience. Blue Label is the ultimate luxury Scotch Whisky and supplies of Blue Label are limited by the rarity and expense of the whiskies used in the blend. At the heart of Blue Label is Royal Lochnagar, a rare malt distilled near Balmoral, the Queen’s holiday home. Around 15 other mature and precious whiskies are added to balance Blue Label perfectly – ‘a blend that cannot be beat’, (Alexander Walker, 1888).

John Walker and his son Alexander began their earliest blending experiments using a limited range of whiskies, drawn mainly from the islands, the western and northern Highlands and a few distilleries in Speyside. Once they had rejected whiskies that didn’t meet their standards, they found that the very best were strictly limited in supply. Following their lead, the Johnnie Walker master-blender developed Blue Label as a celebration of the founder’s unremitting standards for only the highest quality whisky.

The label’s blue-green bottle made of flint glass has been faithfully recast from a 19th century Walker bottle mold, and its rare contents are secured by a traditional cork stopper rather than a screw cap. Each bottle is individually numbered as a cast-iron guarantee of authenticity and is cradled in a satin-lined presentation box as befits a blend made up of some of the world’s rarest whiskies.

Claim to fame
As Blue Label is blended from some of the scarcest and most expensive whiskies in the world, availability is seriously limited. In 1993, a panel of international experts at the International Wine and Spirit Competition awarded Johnnie Walker Blue Label its most prestigious medal, the Gold Medal for the Best Blended Whisky.


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