Last Drop Distillers 50YO blended Scotch

The Last Drop Distillers have released just 898 bottles of a “double matured” 50YO blended Scotch whisky.

50YO blended Scotch

This elegant and complex whisky was initially blended from more than fifty different scotch whiskies, and is a superb example of the blender’s art.  It was first blended in 1995 as a premium 30 Year-Old Blend for the burgeoning Asian market, and refilled into Bourbon wood for marrying.

Once the initial bottling had been completed, a small and precious remnant was transferred into seven Spanish Hogshead casks that had previously held Oloroso sherry, and returned to a traditional maturation warehouse in the Lowlands of Scotland.  There it began its Second Maturation, which lasted for a period of over 20 years, until they bottled it at its peak in late 2015.

Non-chill-filtered, each bottle of the 50YO ‘Double Matured’ Blended Scotch Whisky is filled by hand at 51.8% abv, and sealed with wax.


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