Maestro Dobel Diamond Tequila

Maestro Dobel Diamond Tequila

Juan-Domingo “Dobel” Beckmann, the sixth-generation leader of the world’s most prominent tequila-producing family, today announces the introduction of Maestro Dobel Diamond Tequila, the first-ever diamond tequila. Unlike any other aged tequila, Maestro Dobel is a diamond-clear spirit – a result of a proprietary blending and filtration technique.

Juan Dobel first imagined this unique tequila brand that bears his name while working with his family’s distilling Maestros. Beckmann personally raised the finances for his vision in order to bring this silver tequila concept to market as a completely separate business entity.

“I have long desired to create an aged spirit that is the liquid embodiment of my passion for tequila,” said Beckmann. “Maestro Dobel represents six generations of my family’s dedication to crafting the finest tequilas available. Yet, it also signals a renaissance – a new way of thinking about and enjoying tequila. ”

Standing alone in the category, Maestro Dobel is a luxurious silver tequila with the complexity of an aged spirit. This exceptional blend of three tequilas can be judged, like a diamond, by four C’s:

Clarity: The proprietary filtering system used by Maestro Dobel gently expels congeners and colors from the tequila, producing the “Diamond Clarity” without having an affect on aroma, flavor or complexity.

Complexity: The incredible complexity of Maestro Dobel stems from the incredible array of differently aged tequilas in the blend: Reposado (rested 15 months), Anejo (rested 24 months), and Extra-Anejo (rested for 36 months).

Crispness: The agave selected for Maestro Dobel grows in the volcanic lowlands of the Jalisco region, producing a tequila with lighter herbal and citrus aromas. This hand-selected agave, combined with the tequila’s double distillation in post stills creates an exceptionally crisp tequila.

Craftsmanship: Juan Dobel has entrusted the Tequila Maestros – Marco Anguiano and Luis Yerenas – to create the special blend for Dobel. Every step of the process is crafted by hand – from the harvesting of the agave to the blending of the tequilas. Seriously. This isn’t your normal guzzling in a plastic margarita bucket type of Tequila.


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