Mana & Health Energy Potion

Mana & Health Energy Potion

WTF is a Mana Energy Potion?
Mana Energy Potion is the premium energy shot made by gamers for gamers. It’s for long nights of gaming, partying, and the longer mornings that follow. It has lots of vitamins, no sugar, and no aftercrash.

WTF is a Health Energy Potion?
Health Energy Potion is our second potion, it tastes smoother with an apple-cinnamon flavor and additional helpful herbs and vitamins like elderberry, ginseng, and biotin. Health Energy Potion has powerful energy similar to Mana Energy Potion, except that instead of getting you charged up to do battle, it recharges you after the fight. With a slightly different energy profile, it will pick you up for work in the morning or get you ready for a new night of gaming.

What is it going to do to me?
It will bump your mana or your HP up +160 (real world humans have about 100 mana, by the way). It’s 5-8 hours of smooth, jitter-free energy. When it comes to caffeine content, this potent shot is equivalent to about two 8-ounce Red Bulls® or four cups of crappy office coffee.

How big is a Mana or Health Energy Potion?
It is an energy shot, not an energy drink. The bottle is a 50mL serving which is around the same size as those little bottles of booze served on airplanes. At only 20 calories, it won’t weigh you down while you are casting spells. It will also keep you away from the can as opposed to guzzling the usual barrel of yellow syrup. Don’t let the size fool you- even drinking half a bottle at time is quite effective.

What’s the best way to ingest this stuff?
Straight from the bottle. If you want the energy to ramp up more slowly but still last as long, have a bottle after a meal. Don’t be afraid to only take half a bottle, this is a high-level potion, so you should be careful with it. You can also dilute it (See “What does it taste like?”) Another tip: try it chilled.


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