Saber Practice Bokken

Practice Saber Bokken

Any Jedi who’s ever made his or her own lightsaber knows the time, patience, skill, and cost that goes into hand crafting the thing. Even if you’ve just bought your saber ready-made from a reputable saber dealer (cough, cough, see below), you really don’t want to risk your investment practicing your moves. Well, do what the Jedi do: get yourself a Saber Practice Bokken!

The Saber Practice Bokken is the perfect, inexpensive practice weapon. You can refine your moves without the risk of breaking your saber or accidentally severing a limb on the energy blade! With careful study and a good teacher, you will use your Saber Practice Bokken to hone your Jedi skillz (with a “z” to let you know we mean it) to become a Jedi master. Then you can safely switch to your real saber to impress those Twi’lek twins you’ve had your eye on. And all because you worked out with yourSaber Practice Bokken. You’re welcome.

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