Shortcross Gin


Rademon Estate Distillery, the first and only craft distillery to be established in Northern Ireland have officially launched their first product, Shortcross Gin.

Shortcross Gin is the first small batch, craft spirit to be launched under the Shortcross brand by Rademon Estate Distillery. Shortcross Gin is an aromatic and exceptionally long, smooth Gin that redefines what an Irish Gin should be. Created through the use of fresh apples, elderberries and wild clover distilled with other botanicals including juniper, coriander, orange peel, lemon peel and cassia. The combination of botanicals creates a unique and uplifting aroma reminiscent of a summer meadow, and gives Shortcross Gin a classic yet contemporary flavour with an exceptionally smooth and long peppery finish.

With a small batch philosophy, the distillery ensures every aspect of each gin meets the exacting vision of it’s founders. With the finest botanicals (sourced and handpicked), fresh water drawn from the estate itself and distilled in a bespoke copper still each element of Shortcross Gin, including bottling and labelling has been crafted and perfected by hand.


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