The Dalmore 50

The Dalmore 50

One of the world’s oldest and most precious whiskies released by The Dalmore brand promising drinkers a “real taste of a bygone era that no other product or brand can offer”.

The Dalmore 50 contains whisky first distilled over 140 years ago, in 1868. This means it started life before the invention of the telephone, the car and the electric light, and was maturing quietly before the Eiffel Tower was built, the Statue of Liberty was erected and the first ever modern day Olympics took place in 1896!

Given the age of this malt and the losses experienced as the angels drank voraciously from the casks over the passing decades only 191 hand blown Portuguese crystal decanters were released.

The Dalmore Master Distiller Richard Paterson is excited by the whisky “I believe we are the only distillery which has the depth of stock to create such a long loved and nurtured whisky as this,” he enthused.

Recognising the broad appeal this bottle has he notes “Luxury is about the discovery and consumption of something sublime, something rare, something brilliant – we believe our 50 will excite these consumers, particularly in emerging markets”.

He went on to state that rare and vintage whisky such as The Dalmore 50 year old is rapidly being seen as a wise investment and is no longer just for drinking.

“Whisky generally is becoming scarce as we face unprecedented demand around the world, particularly from emerging economies like Russia, China and India. It makes unique expressions like the 50 year old even more valuable. You will get a better return on your investment with whisky than you can with some of the iconic first growth wines of France”.


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