The Royal Legacy of 1745-Drambuie

Royal Legacy of 1745-Drambuie


Drambuie is delighted to announce the launch of the world’s finest cask infused malt whisky liqueur – The Royal Legacy of 1745™ – a limited edition duty free exclusive. Celebrating the centenary of the first commercial bottling of Drambuie in Edinburgh in 1909, The Royal Legacy of 1745 is a sublime interpretation of the original royal spirit enjoyed by Bonnie Prince Charlie in 1745.

At its heart remains the Prince’s legacy – his secret elixir of exotic herbs and spices sourced from around the globe and unchanged for 260 years. Today Drambuie’s whisky blenders have the luxury of hand picking a bespoke selection of Scotland’s finest rare aged malts to complement the elixir’s distinctive flavour notes. The art of spirit infusion, perfected by Drambuie over the last century is taken to new heights, with cask infusion and small batch production guaranteeing unique product quality.


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