Valt Vodka

Valt Vodka

Two Scotsmen were in a bar……
It was a rare moment of inspiration, or genius, or madness or most likely all three. Amidst the dark confines of a Manhattan bar, two Scotsmen concocted the preposterous concept of a vodka so refined, so cool and so pure that it could only be created one way.

First, it needed the unique skills of Scottish distillers. Then there was the insistence on using only Scottish malted barley and Scottish mountain water.

Finally, no suitable method of distillation actually existed – an entirely new procedure had to be invented, and a decidedly un-traditional, quintuple micro-distillation technique had to be evolved, just for them.

Valt is the first single malt Scottish vodka in the world.

In its individuality and character, Valt is the purest tribute to the Scottish pathfinders of generations past, undeniably part of our heritage and without doubt a spirit of the new age.

Created with the experience of centuries in the homeland of the most skilful and knowledgeable distillations, Scotland, Valt takes the original art of distillation to a new level. In a unique process using traditional copper pot stills, only 100% Malted barley is used, combined with the pure water of the mighty river Spey. A secret charcoal and chill filtration process perfects and finishes the quintuple distillation, in its individuality and character, and its mellow flavour.

First distillation took place on St Andrews day, 28th November 2006, and was followed by the first bottling on Robert Burns Day 25th January 2007 and so Valt was Born.

VALT is unique using 100% Scottish Malted Barley and is distilled in traditional copper pot stills five times.

An entirely natural product, Valt contains no artificial additives. Only the soft Highland waters of the River Spey suffice in quality for Valt, the purity enhanced by chilling and carbon filtering. The flavour is totally distinct – sweet, mellow and creamy.

Others can only aspire to the new standard set by Valt – A Super Premium Vodka!


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