Whisky By X

The idea for Whisky By X was apparently hit upon by its founders over a dram in the Netherlands. The brains behind Whisky By X believed “something was missing” in the world of whisky and in 2014 founded Whisky By X – a “new drinking experience” combining diamonds, porn stars and gold.

Each of brand’s two 12-year-old blends have apparently been “body-blended” by either Tori Black or Joy Van Velsen, both big names in the porn industry, with each consumer given the choice as to which female has got friendly with your whisky.

Its founders claim the method allows any drinker to “experience the perfect combination of premium quality whisky and the most coveted women”, adding: “Our whisky is body blended by the most beautiful women”.

It is not clear exactly how the process of body-blending is achieved, or if it is entirely hygienic. However its producers promise that, “not only will the quality of our whisky make your heart beat faster, the thought of the same whisky touching the body of the woman of your dreams will leave you speechless.”


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